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Messaging server software sends: SMS text messages to: pagers, mobile phones
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4 August 2010

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Another day made wireless messaging a yet more common and convenient way to communicate with friends, colleagues or clients. Today's pick is PageGate, a versatile wireless messaging application.
PageGate consists of two main applications: the Server and the GUI Client. The server software is responsible for sending and receiving wireless messages via the Internet, the client software makes it possible to send messages to various recipients. The Server supports several gateways and, among other things, allows the user to receive messages sent via email or directly from a web page form. It supports a number of protocols: TAP, UCP, SMTP, WCTP, GSM and others.
The Client lets you send and receive messages via the Server to various mobile devices at a specified time, repeat messages at certain intervals, send the same message to several recipients, spell-check messages before sending, log messages and more. Try this powerful application today and see that for yourself.

Publisher's description

PageGate allows for network paging or network wide SMS messaging through a combination of the following methords: email, webpage, commandline, textfile, Internet, serial port, modem, mobile phone, wireless modem, direct database access and windows client. SMS or text messages can be sent to alphanumeric pagers, numeric pagers, cell phones, PIMs, billboards, pcmcia pager cards, etc.... PageGate is a flexible powerful way to take control of corporate communications.
PageGate supports several delivery protocols and delivery methods. Messages can be delivered via the Internet using the following protocols: SNPP, WCTP, and SMTP (email). Messages can be delivered via modem using the following protocols: TAP, UCP, GSM, and touch Tones. Messages can also be delivered directly to a terminal or encoder via a direct serial (RS232) connection.
PageGate is scaleable for high-end / high-throughput applications. Up to sixteen modems can be used simultaneously for message delivery. Up to sixteen simultaneous internet connections are also supported. A single PageGate server can be run across multiple computers for distributed message processing.
PageGate supports many advanced features. Redundant outbound connections in the event of hardware or phone line failures. Message rerouting on delivery failure enables messages to be sent to secondary devices, or to be resent to the same device through a different connection method. On-call groups can be used with schedules to automatically route messages to just the people that are currently 'on call'. Non-critical messages can be automatically held overnight and delivered at the beginning of the business day.
PageGate makes administration easy with a centralized database, an easy to use object oriented administration program, and a real-time monitoring program that can be run remotely (even over the internet)
Version 5.0.93
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